We’re absolutely delighted to announce a new sponsor for

The Heatons Summer Festival 2018…


please welcome Bee-Ginning!


Helping Gin Flourish

Bee-Ginning are a new and exciting team of gin enthusiasts who have recognised that gin is the country’s largest growing alcoholic drink and is in much demand across all age groups – from the older generation who have always been gin drinkers to the younger generation who are beginning to enjoy the wide range now available. It is now considered trendy to be seen with a balloon glass topped with ice and fruit in and about town.

It is also our aim to educate and convert those who consider a G&T to be a “Gordon’s and Schweppes” as it was back in the 80s. One of our objectives is to introduce the gins at the higher end of the market that are not necessarily available in bars and supermarkets.



So, come along to the Heatons Summer Festival on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June to enjoy the finest gin on offer!

Our sincere thanks goes out to Bee-Ginning and all our fantastic sponsors.  Without you we would have not been able to put on the event!

If you are interested in supporting the event, then please contact Mel by email on events@fourheatons.co.uk